Breaking Point

Full Praise

“Rhodes memorably portrays Europe’s terrifying crisis. It’s easy to forget just how grim the future seemed. Also, the slowly brewing romance between Johnnie and Eleanor is touchingly drawn, especially Johnnie’s strenuously concealed existential despondency. A gripping, emotionally bracing account of a critical moment in history.”
Kirkus Reviews

“John Rhodes’ brilliantly written historical novel centers on a Spitfire pilot and a mathematical genius struggling through WWII’s Battle of Britain and their own lack of personal confidence.This engaging history laced with personal struggle is spiced with well-researched and thrilling aerial combat scenes… Despite the action, the story never sacrifices character development and an appreciation of the humanness of those who serve as minor pieces in the chess game played by the masters of war. Readers will also be pleasantly surprised by how the author flawlessly—even captivatingly—weaves mathematics into a war/love story. This is a WWII novel to savor.”
Blue Ink Review

Breaking Point by John Rhodes is a story of the Battle of Britain during World War II. Most of the characters are fictionalized as are most of the air battles. However, many of the military and air battles are true to life.

I was hesitant at first as I started Breaking Point as this is not my favorite genre. By the second page, I knew this was going to be a good book. I was right. I was alive during this period of time and remember listening to Walter Winchell report over his radio news program about the Battle of Britain.

Rhodes weaves the story around actual air battles and the people involved—both fictional and real life. This engrossing book takes us into the airmen’s lives on the ground. It reveals how their dogged determination helped to win the war and the emotional price they paid to climb into their planes to do what they knew had to be done.

This period was a very trying time for Britain and the Breaking Point brings to life what was given to save a nation.”

“This is an excellent novel that focuses largely on the significant weeks of the Battle of Britain. The accounts of the battle and the descriptions of what it must have been like to fly planes in that battle, are accurate and authentic. The main pilot character is a realistic mixture of self-doubt, fatalism and determination but what makes this book different from other similar novels is the intriguing use of game theory by the main female character, Eleanor as a way of analyzing what is going on in the air. The juxtapositioning of the statistical and theoretical analysis of the battle personified by Eleanor and the reality of the fighting experienced by Johnnie and his colleagues provide an extra dimension to the book which is well researched and an enjoyable read. I hope Johnnie flies again and Eleanor moves to provide more insightful analysis—perhaps helping to support D Day!”
Professor Leslie Bell

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